Integrated Pest Management

Cultivating grapes the right way

BioBee, a pioneer in the revolutionary field of biologically-based Integrated Pest Management (IPM), has found some of nature’s best solutions to combating the pernicious mealybugs. The first is the Cryptolaemus, a Lady Bird bettle-like predatory beetle who is commonly known as the mealybug destroyer. The second is the Anagyrus, a tiny parasitic wasp who lays its eggs inside the mealybug, which will slowly mummify as the parasitic egg feasts on its innards before bursting out of the desiccated corpse, alien-style. Continue reading

The Birth of Bio-Organic Farming

Today BioBee is no longer restricts their exports to bugs, but successfully shares their 30 years of accumulated experience and knowledge regarding Biological Pest Control. BioBee takes pride in making their knowledge available to their clients by providing a number of well-trained experts to help implement their groundbreaking solutions in the field. Continue reading

Agricultural Innovation Making Healthier Fruits and Vegetables With solutions to pests and disease

BioBee has been leading the way in the biological revolution, researching mother nature’s very own solutions to pests and disease. Biological pest control, or using living organisms to reduce populations of noxious plants and pests, may be our best answer to growing enough safe and healthy fruits and vegetables. Continue reading

Bringing Integrated Pest Management to the World

BioBee has taken great pains to ensure that they have a physical presence in every country where they market their integrated pest management solutions. By establishing a large number of subsidiaries in their market countries, BioBee both ensures that their products are implemented by knowledgeable experts, but that they learn to navigate the unique challenges that each new landscape presents. Continue reading